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Should you get your own gTLD? (global top-level domain as in www.iplawblog.shapirolaw)

by | Dec 6, 2012 | Internet issues | 0 comments

While the cost of acquiring, controlling, and operating a registry for a new gTLD is prohibitive for most, 2012 is the best time to register a desired string in a new gTLD. As you may appreciate, the possibilities for new gTLDs are endless. Some brand owners will likely register their house marks as a gTLD (e.g., Apple) and some organizations may move to register a generic industry term (e.g., coffee).

Internet lawTypically, the way new gTLDs work is that a trademark owner receives some preference and is able to register domains at the new registry during a Sunrise period, before the registry offers the new domain to the general public. However, to even be considered preferentially, you must have an active registered trademark that is identical to the string you attempt to register. For example, if you want to register a mark in a new gTLD–mark.gTLD–you would have to have an issued registration for that identical mark to register it during the Sunrise period. Consider whether you are using any distinctive unregistered marks that may be registrable and taking steps to register such marks.